Nauru Wire www.nauruwire.orgAustralia detains asylum seekers on remote Nauru and Christmas Island, and  warehouses refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia for years.  Nauru Wire is about their  struggle against deportation to  countries where they fear persecution. Australia's thrown away 'boat people urgently need fair refugee assessments by DIMIA and the UNHCR. 


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 Christmas Island Album

The Hao Kiet's Vietnamese asylum seekers

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Vietnamese refugees from the Hoa Kiet in Australia


Vietnamese refugees from the Hao Kiet on TPVs in Australia

Some Vietnamese refugees from the Hoa Kiet now have Temporary Protection Visas allowing them to live [for a while] in Australia.

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Baby Amy photo ] Hoa Kiet 1 July 03 ] Freed from Christmas Is., 4 Nov 03 ] [ TPVs from the Hao Kiet ] Christmas Is. Compound 1 Sep 03 #1 ] Christmas Is. Compound 1 Sep 03 #2 ] Christmas Is. Compound 1 Sep 03 #3 ] Christmas Is. Compound 1 Sep 03 #4 ] Christmas Is. Compound 1 Sep 03 #5 ] Easy read Tol Van Tran, 3 Nov 04 ] Christmas Island detention centre ]



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